Your First Classical?

As you’re looking for your first classical nylon stringed guitar, you naturally want to find the best guitar for a beginner and you also want to find the best value guitar.

Admira have a range of Classical Guitars tailored towards complete beginners and novices looking to take up classical guitar for the first time. The Beginner and Student ranges from Admira have been created specifically for this purpose. Both of these ranges use quality tone woods to ensure a good tone, and are built to facilitate continual advancement through the world of Classical Guitar.


What size guitar do I need?

The size of the guitar is a very important factor. A guitar too large or too small will hamper your initial efforts and often end in frustration. So finding the right size guitar is an important factor to consider.

½ Size Guitars:

A ½ size guitar is suitable for younger children – and will allow a beginner to learn correct technique with both a smaller neck and guitar body. The ideal model for this would be the ADM050 Alba (pictured - left) from the Beginner range.

¾ Size Guitars:

Arguably, a ¾ size guitar will be playable by most anyone, and is the most common size for children or smaller adults. The guitar neck and body are once again easier to hold and handle but are much less restrictive than the ½ size models.

Ideal models to look at would be the ADM100 Alba ¾ or the 1955 Infante model.

The Alba ¾ model is a great starting point, having been built to Admira’s standards in Asia. However, if you desire a guitar with a little more longevity and improved tone, the Spanish-built 1955 Infante will be worth the extra cost.

7/8 Size Guitars:

Although not that common as a whole, the 7/8 size Clasico model has long been a favourite amongst both students and pupils. The beauty of this model is that the neck is full sized, but the body is a little smaller. This means the guitar is easier to hold overall, but exact and correct fingering techniques can be taught from the outset – which is always the best way whenever possible.

4/4 Size Guitars:

ADM400 Sara

All other guitars can be described as 4/4 or full size, and are the standard size and shape used from teenaged years onwards.

A complete beginner may wish to opt for the ADM200 Alba model, as it represents great value and a good entry point to classical guitars. For a fraction more expense, the ADM400 Sara (pictured - right) offers a better selection of tonewoods which will instantly improve the tone of any player, experienced or not. However, those that wish to start at a higher level should look at the 1957N Almeria model. This model has been an industry standard instrument for decades and will be found in thousands of music schools and classrooms across the globe. With the Spanish-build quality and higher-grade tonewoods, the Almeria can be relied upon to deliver an accomplished performance for many years.

How much should I pay?

As with most things, the higher the cost, the better an instrument will be. This rule of thumb applies in the budget end as much as any other, but the question is ‘What difference does it make?’

The Admira Beginner range is a superb introduction to classical guitar, as they deliver well-built instruments that will serve the novice up to a grade 1 level. Made in Asia, using Admira’s enviable expertise, the Beginner range instruments guarantee you a level of quality of tone and playability that is essential for any beginner.

1955 Infante

The Student models such as the ¾ size Infante (pictured - left), 7/8 size Clasico or 4/4 Almeria or Espana, are built by Admira’s famed craftsmen in their Spanish workshop in Zarautz. The methods of building have been honed over decades, and the resulting artisan-made instruments have been the choice of music teachers and students across the world for many years. Due to the higher quality materials used in their construction and the hand-finishing of each guitar, Spanish-made Admira Student instruments sound more tonally rich than those in the Beginner range.

The most important part:

You want the learning process to be the best it can be, and ideally you want the musical journey to continue long into the future, so investing in the best guitar you can from the outset is the best option.

As you will know, when starting out on a new journey, the better your equipment, the more fun learning will be, as the process will be smoother and more rewarding, more quickly.