Your Ultimate Guitar

A20So you're feeling confident and ready to go all the way? 
It must now be the time to find your ultimate Classical Guitar.

If you’re ready to begin looking for your ultimate classical guitar, you will be an accomplished player and musician who knows and understands the tone and sound they are looking for, having found their classical voice when upgrading from their first classical guitar.

When searching for your ultimate guitar you will naturally be looking into the higher end instruments which are constructed from superior grade tone woods than those from the Beginner and Student models.

With models from the ultimate 'Handcrafted' series, you can be confident of the excellent craftsmanship for which Admira's Spanish workshops have long been famed. 

Selecting a few guitars from the supreme ‘ultimate guitar’ range there is the A10 model which represents superb value when considering the tonewoods: high-grade solid cedar for the top and beautiful rosewood for the back and sides. This guitar offers a rich, warm tone thanks to the cedar, but with the remarkable resonance and harmonic purity of rosewood.

In a similar vein, with similar high specification, the Virtuoso EC (2147EC) Electro Acoustic Cutaway model offers the superb tone of Cedar and Rosewood with the addition of an excellent pickup and preamp, thus making it easier to amplify the guitar when required. 


The A15 Model is another superb instrument, which shares the tonal DNA of the A10 model, but with the addition of a premium Ebony fingerboard. This hard-wearing, highly-prized hardwood with feel superb to the touch and is a feature synonymous with the finest guitars. 

At the very far end of this Ultimate range is the A20 Model. This beauty is a premium level guitar constructed with a Solid Cedar top, Solid Rosewood back and sides and an Ebony fingerboard. The main difference between the A20 and the A15 is the use of solid rosweood for the back and sides. Thie means that the whole side and rear of the guitar can resonate as a single unit with complete tonal integrity. Using all-solid timber is always a premium option as costs are higher and construction techniques are mroe complex. However, the player is rewarded with the best tone available and the reassurance that the instrument will mature and continue to improve over time.  


Whichever Admira guitar you chose however, you can be sure of many years of playing pleasure.