Alba 3 / 4 / RRP: £165.00 / UK Product Code: ADM100

  • Alba 3 / 4

Product Overview

Admira Alba 3/4 size guitar is perfect for young players who are new to the guitar world.

With manufacturing carefully controlled in the Far East by Spanish-trained luthiers, the Alba stays true to the purpose set out by its Spanish older sibling – the Almeria – and it delivers a great tone bound to enhance the learning of any student or enthusiastic amateur.

Our Beginner guitars are our high-quality, entry-level models that will help you sound like a professional. Great designs using top-quality materials and manufacturing processes ensure this range of guitars are a joy to play and will make learning fun and as easy as possible.


UK product Code ADM100
Size 3 / 4
Top Oregon Pine
Back Sapelli
Sides Sapelli
Neck Mahogany
Fingerboard Rosewood
Machine Head Lyre design Nickel
Bridge Rosewood
Finish Type Gloss

Product Reviews (30)

"It's a great starter guitar"
Libby, United Kingdom
"Very good guitar for beginner"
Yannick Le Bris, United Kingdom
"Brilliant, as expected of a Admira guitar."
Suraj, United Kingdom
"Great sound"
Nikki, United Kingdom
"Great sound. Guitar looks classy for the money."
Andy, United Kingdom
"i'm afraid I haven't yet played it."
joanna, United Kingdom
"i'm afraid I haven't yet played it."
joanna, United Kingdom
"Looks lovely, recommended brand by the guitar teacher. I look forward to hearing my daughter play it."
Nicola, United Kingdom
Christakis, United Kingdom
"So far looks and sounds great. Only shame is to see it has label inside saying made in China. For a brand with Spanish heritage... you don't expect it to be made in China. Stop being cheap and making in china"
Maurizio, United Kingdom
"For the money good. Couple of issues. Intonation on low E flat at 12th fret - with a pre-made bridge why not pre-make more accuarately? Second - the classic, sharper fret ends, most noticeable on higher frets. With that said, compared to previous 3/4 guitar supplied by school the Admira really "sings"."
AF, United Kingdom
"Fantastic guitar!"
Sarah, United Kingdom
"Very good finish, Easy to tune and play. Sounds good. Recommended for starting young guitarists."
Sudip, United Kingdom
"really good sound "
jordana, United Kingdom
"My son seems to like it, but have not really used it yet. "
Paula, United Kingdom
"Just to note that we placed our order for the guitar in store in Cardiff (S & T Audio Ltd, 52-54 St Mary Street) on 25th January 2020, which was then delivered to our home on 28th January 2020.

It was recommended to us by our guitar teacher. The sound it produces is great."
Fatme, United Kingdom
"My granddaughter is learning on it"
Nadira, United Kingdom
"Looks and sounds great"
Kirsty, United Kingdom
"looks good and well made hopefully i can use it to learn"
william, United Kingdom
"Really nice guitar, my daughter loves it "
Martin, United Kingdom
"So far so good"
RACHEL, United Kingdom
"Very happy with the guitar. Has a lovely sound. "
Joanne , United Kingdom
"It's fun. I have several full sized classicals and wanted something to relax with. This does this as the body is so small it just sits so well. Also, due to the cost, it has to have top marks for it's purpose. "
Paul , United Kingdom
"Good quality "
Nuray, United Kingdom
"It is beautiful, just purchased for my 8 year old to start lessons"
Jane, United Kingdom
"Bought it for my 7 year old daughter on line from PMT Music. Came within two days and very please. Boxed very well with no damage Sound is very good. "
Martha, United Kingdom
"It looks very well made, and sounds great"
Robert, United Kingdom
"Very pleased with it"
Helen, United Kingdom
Paul, United Kingdom
"I love it so far though I've only had it for 3 days."
Sajid, United Kingdom