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Product Overview

The Admira Clasico is an incredibly useful option for students. Featuing a smaller body but with a full sized neck, the younger or smaller student can learn correct fingering scale but with the added comfort of a slightly smaller body.

Our Student range have been produced using the best quality woods. Comfortable and balanced with a fantastic sound, they have been the choice of teachers and professionals alike for many years and are regarded as must-haves by local education authorities.


UK product Code 1949
Size 7 / 8
Top Spruce
Back Sapelli
Sides Sapelli
Neck African Mahogany
Fingerboard Mongoy
Machine Head Lyre design Nickel
Finish Type Gloss

Product Reviews (7)

"First impressions are of a good quality and value for money instrument. I am a beginner but sound and tones are nice."
Manuel, United Kingdom
Jane, United Kingdom
"very good, excellent craftsmanship "
Rhea, United Kingdom
"It's my new 'best friend'. Lovely to play and it smells delightful too. "
Andy, United Kingdom
"Itís awesome "
Parisa, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
"This is my sonís second guitar. The 7/8 size is perfect for him now. The full size neck will make transitioning to full size easier. It sounds and looks beautiful."
Frido, United Kingdom
"Excellent! Perfect for my son moving on from a 1/2 size and should last him a good while. Sounds great!"
Wendy, United Kingdom