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Product Overview

The Admira ‘A4’ Classical is crafted from an interesting combination of solid Cedar and Ebony. The A4 features a maple back inlay and Mahogany neck.  Fitted with gold machine heads and finished in high-gloss.

The A4 is crafted with the traditional spanish heel neck joint which is considered the most highly developed neck joint in guitar construction. It is significantly more complex than a glued neck, but the sonic benefits are worth the effort. When building a guitar with a Spanish neck, neck and headblock are carved from one piece of wood.

Our Handcrafted guitars are a fusion of the best quality materials, designs and manufacturing techniques by our highly skilled and passionate Spanish-trained luthiers. Our luthiers use traditional handcrafting methods to produce guitars with exceptional tone, clarity and expression.


UK product Code ADM04
Size 4 / 4
Top Solid Cedar
Back Ebony
Sides Ebony
Neck Mahogany with Ebony reinforcement
Fingerboard Kabukalli
Machine Head Lyre Design Gold
Finish Type Gloss

Product Reviews (13)

"Very pleased, looks lovely and sounds warm and rich,just need to practice to do it justice."
Michael, United Kingdom
"It's beautifully made. Has a rich and warm sound."
Philippa, United Kingdom
"I think it's great. But the fret dots wore off within a week"
Joris, Germany
"The A4 is a lovely looking instrument. It has an exceptional sound. The setup and intonation were perfect straight from the box. I have played acoustic guitars for many years, this is my first classical and I am very pleased with my purchase.
Graham, United Kingdom
"I'm quite staggered at how beautiful it is. The finish is excellent and the rosette greatly improved now being of a classical style( rather than small guitars of earlier versions ). This version of the A4 now looks like a mature, professional instrument. The strings are still stabilising but it has a very warm rich sound with clarity on the upper notes. Intonation is absolutely spot on too. There are no fretboard side dots but so far I'm surprisingly not finding it the issue I thought it might be."
martyn, United Kingdom
"Beautiful looks and sound"
Tina, United Kingdom
"Work of art. Sound lovely and warm. I cannot wait until I can play good enough to do it justice."
Jake, United Kingdom
"Best instrument ive owned so far. AMAZING tone"
Wiktor, United Kingdom
"Beautiful "
Valentina, United Kingdom
"It is a great guitar - a very rich and mellow sound and a lovely looking instrument as well."
Harriet, United Kingdom
"Sounds and looks fabulous "
Urbano, United Kingdom
"Wonderful depth of tone. You can really hear the difference between my sons 3/4 guitar and this one. He also really likes the design of the body and the inlay."
Hazel, United Kingdom
"It looks beautiful, it's finished to a high standard, setup perfectly and sounds lovely, straight out of the box, especially with the supplied Savarez strings, it's more than I expected and I'm very happy with it, my guitar playing friends also love playing it."
Richard , United Kingdom