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Product Overview

The Admira ‘A2’ Classical is crafted from a classic combination of solid cedar and sapelly will give a clear and crisp tone. The A2 features an Indian Rosewood fingerboard and gold machine heads and is finished in high-gloss.

The A2 is crafted with the traditional spanish heel neck joint which is considered the most highly developed neck joint in guitar construction. It is significantly more complex than a glued neck, but the sonic benefits are worth the effort. When building a guitar with a Spanish neck, neck and headblock are carved from one piece of wood.

Our Handcrafted guitars are a fusion of the best quality materials, designs and manufacturing techniques by our highly skilled and passionate Spanish-trained luthiers. Our luthiers use traditional handcrafting methods to produce guitars with exceptional tone, clarity and expression.


UK product Code ADM02
Size 4 / 4
Top Solid Cedar
Back Sapelly
Sides Sapelly
Neck Mahogany
Fingerboard Indian Rosewood
Machine Head Lyre Design Gold
Finish Type Gloss

Product Reviews (10)

Airat, Russian Federation
"beautifully presented guitar with wonderful sound, particularly in the bass.
the action is light & pleasant to use"
John, United Kingdom
"Beautiful guitar, initial impression is that its a fantastic instrument "
Stuart, United Kingdom
"Build quality is excellent which comes out in the playing."
D, United Kingdom
Peter, United Kingdom
"A really beutifull guitar with a very distinctive sound,I am really pleased with it."
Charles, United Kingdom
"I am more than delighted with this beautiful instrument. It looks amazing and sounds just like I expect a classical guitar to sound throughout the fretboard. The construction is excellent and the finish is amazing, truly a delight to see and play. Despite the fact that is is set up a little high for me (and I do not have access to a luthier in my area) I am extremely happy with it and some time I will get the set up done to my liking. The service I experienced with the guitar expert there was very friendly and helpful and I will of course shop there again."
John, United Kingdom
"Truly beautiful guitar and sounds great"
Samuel, United Kingdom
"Lovely looks and tone"
Brian, United Kingdom
"Im a beginner, so I don't really know whats good and not as my play is currently woeful. It sounds good when other people play it online though, and looks great."
Antony, Spain