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    A15 Classical A15 Classical

Product Overview

The Admira A15 is a classic combination of cedar and rosewood that will give a fuller tone. The A15 features an ebony fingerboard and gold machinheads and is finished in high-gloss.

The A15 is crafted with the traditional spanish heel neck joint which is considered the most highly developed neck joint in guitar construction. It is significantly more complex than a glued neck, but the sonic benefits are worth the effort. When building a guitar with a Spanish neck, neck and headblock are carved from one piece of wood.

Our Handcrafted guitars are a fusion of the best quality materials, designs and manufacturing techniques by our highly skilled and passionate Spanish-trained luthiers. Our luthiers use traditional handcrafting methods to produce guitars with exceptional tone, clarity and expression.


UK product Code ADM15
Size 4 / 4
Top Solid Cedar
Back Indian Rosewood
Sides Indian Rosewood
Neck Mahogany with Rosewood reinforcement
Fingerboard Ebony
Machine Head Lyre Design Gold
Finish Type Gloss

Product Reviews (16)

"Just received, look great and well set up. Strings are new obviously so need to srttle them down to get the full tonal experience. But early impression is great. "
john, United Kingdom
"This guitar is excellent quality with a beautiful sound."
Greg, United Kingdom
"Powerful sound, lovely tone, excellent sustain, beautifully finished, a pleasure to play"
Peter, United Kingdom
"I think the Admira A15 is and excellent sounding guitar,well made and good value for money."
Donald, United Kingdom
"Excellent workmanship. Confident Iíve future-proofed my guitar choice "
Wayne, United Kingdom
"Fantastic tone, sustain and overall feel. Looks and plays great. "
Steve, United Kingdom
"Great sound and nice endings "
Juan Esteban, United Kingdom
"good, better with high tension strings"
Matthew, United Kingdom
"Excellent instrument with pretty tones, the sound is wonderful, also the look is very harmonious, high quality wood, an excellent fretboard feel resounds like in a symphony concerto, thank you so much!"
Laurent, United Kingdom
"Beautiful guitar, plays fantastic "
Michael, United Kingdom
"Wonderful wood, beautiful finish. My first classical guitar and I love iit."
Kevan, United Kingdom
"I love it, it sounds beautiful, looks beautiful and plays beautifully."
Marie , United Kingdom
"Fabulous guitar. Incredible tones. Great playability. Immaculate craftsmanship. It's a real pleasure to play. The action is just right (unlike my old classical guitars where the action was very high). Well worth the money."
Patrick, United Kingdom
"Loving the tone, the quality finish. This is my first classic guitar and it beautiful."
Kevan, United Kingdom
Gemma, United Kingdom
"A beautifully constructed instrument that sounds amazing. I particularly like the feel of the ebony fingerboard which helps the fingers glide from one position to another. The perfect guitar."
Kevin, United Kingdom