Sevilla / RRP: £232.00 / UK Product Code: 1907

  • Sevilla

Product Overview

Featuring a traditional Spanish rosette design and highlighted binding materials, the Admira Sevilla is a real beauty. Its attractiveness is matched by its voice, as the Solid Cedar top gives a good mellow tone.

Our Archived range showcases former guitars that are no longer available. We have continued to display them as a way for you to find out about your Admira guitar, even after it is no longer in production. Archived guitars highlight many of the original designs and aesthetics that have helped shape our current range.


UK product Code 1907
Size 4 / 4
Top Solid Cedar
Back Sapelli
Sides Sapelli
Neck African Mahogany
Fingerboard Mongoy
Machine Head Lyre design Nickel
Bridge Rosewood
Finish Type Gloss

Product Reviews (12)

"Nice sound"
Katharine , United Kingdom
"Good sound"
Warren, Canada
"Lovely tone, really pleased with it"
Helen, United Kingdom
"Lovely tone, really pleased with it."
Helen, United Kingdom
"It sounds wonderful! And I am curious when it was built?"
Patrick, Germany
"Great guitar, good tone. It's been neglected for several years but is better than I thought it was."
Stuart, United Kingdom
"Excellent tone, well constructed"
Thomas, United Kingdom
"So far I am liking it ,just need to get used to it as it is new, but love the quality and the build, feels nice , also loving the satin finish , i wanted a Spanish guitar that was actually made in spain ,it superceeds my vintage Musima That i learned on which was bought in 1967 and still resides in the home , This Admira is going to get a lot of playing in the future , the deep tone is excellent , took me four years to make my mind up to which Make i was going to buy, very pleased with my choice , brilliant work , it is so light too , yes i could go on and on, but yes, great ,fantastic ."
Jacqueline, United Kingdom
"Beautiful rich tone especially the bass notes. The guitar is very nicely made and plays very well."
Nick, United Kingdom
"Havenít used it yet. For my 9 year old son."
Ruth, United Kingdom
"Lovely instrument. Notes ring out."
Ian, United Kingdom
"very good sound and tone well made great price easy to play "
david, United Kingdom