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Product Overview

The Admira Malaga is the entry-level model for a fully featured, Solid-Topped Spanish Guitar.

The Malaga's Solid Cedar top ensure a great tone both at the time of purchase as well as for the future.

Our Student range have been produced using the best quality woods. Comfortable and balanced with a fantastic sound, they have been the choice of teachers and professionals alike for many years and are regarded as must-haves by local education authorities.


UK product Code 1908
Size 4 / 4
Top Solid Cedar
Back Sapelli
Sides Sapelli
Neck African Mahogany
Fingerboard Mongoy
Machine Head Lyre design Nickel
Bridge Rosewood
Finish Type Gloss

Product Reviews (56)

"It's Cool!"
Beresford Armand, United Kingdom
"beautiful singing tone"
Keith, United Kingdom
"Had to exchange Malaga for Malaga due to marks and poor finishing on the fret, otherwise the guitar is excellent for me as a beginner"
David, United Kingdom
"delighted with it. Beautiful tone"
Pepita, United Kingdom
"I love the sound and the feel of the instrument"
Malcolm, United Kingdom
"Good looks and sound quality"
Peter, United Kingdom
"This is my first Spanish guitar, I have it one day and I love it. Is over 50 years old, still in perfect structural shape, with some minor damages. Sounds great but need cleaning and luthier setup - action is a bit height and equal for all strings. I bought it from collector, not player. This is not perfect guitar, but in this price and not only - this is great instrument."
Pawel, Poland
Keith, United Kingdom
"It's a great guitar for the price point!"
Sarah, United Kingdom
Mathis, United Kingdom
"Excellent! I've been looking for a guitar with a narrow nut and low string action for some time and the Malaga is perfect for my requirements. Quality construction at an affordable price. A very nice instrument."
Julian, United Kingdom
"It is very good-looking. It is also very well built. It is definitely worth the money."
Varun, United Kingdom
"I've only had the guitar for 1 day but straight away i can tell that there is a livelier more prolonged sound which i'm sure will only get richer in time. As i am a beginner of only 6 months this guitar will help me learn more for the future."
Gary, United Kingdom
"Lovely tone, clear sounds and felt comfortable to hold. Seems well made. Preferred it to rivals at the price. As a complete beginner it will inspire me to push through the rigours of learning guitar."
Ian, United Kingdom
"Beautiful Sound, Easy to Play, A very enjoyably guitar "
Adrian, United Kingdom
"It's very good for the price
Very pleased with it"
Philip, United Kingdom
"I am a beginner and I don't know so much about guitars, but I am very happy.
It looks and sounds very beautiful. "
Estevao, United Kingdom
"Good looking good value for price"
Marcelo , United Kingdom
"Good build quality. Warm and mature sound. Metal frets are not perfectly polished so some residual metal sticking out of fretboard even though not affect the playing"
Tho, United Kingdom
"We chose this for my son, as he's now moving to Grade V and needed a better instrument. The Malaga has a rich sound with a wide expressive range - perfect for his next steps on the guitar."
Ed, United Kingdom
"Only just purchased so a bit early to tell, but it certainly felt and sounded great in the shop."
Arthur, United Kingdom
"Solid Cedar top for this price- You can't go wrong! Well finished, As it ages it will only sound better."
Paul, United Kingdom
"It's great! the tone is excellent and the sound resonates well. It is exactly what I was looking for in terms of a classical spanish guitar."
Aleksander, United Kingdom
"Sounds lovely, bright sound, nice finish, would have preferred a darker colour."
Helen , United Kingdom
"Beautiful look, feel and sound."
Margot, United Kingdom
"looks well made, sounds good. Action is a bit on the high side, but I'm used to electric guitars.
Looks great all I've got to do now is to master the high action!
Alan, United Kingdom
"It is great."
Ricardo, United Kingdom
"Itís really nice. "
Richard, United Kingdom
"Itís really nice. "
Richard, United Kingdom
"Well made and a good tone"
Mik, United Kingdom
"I love this new guitar as it sounds amazing."
Dilip, United Kingdom
Simon, United Kingdom
"Lovely quality, appearance and playability"
Martin, United Kingdom
"absolutely wonderfull"
will, United Kingdom
"A very good tone and pleasant sound"
Mik, United Kingdom
"Nice looking ,well finished guitar with beautiful sound."
Wojciech, United Kingdom
"Sorry, just an ignorant beginner, but it seemed to have a lovely tone."
William, United Kingdom
"Beautiful mellow sound, very well constructed, perfect for a beginner like me."
Paul, United Kingdom
"Beautiful shape, colour and sound. Slightly quiet on the trebles but not my too great an amount. "
Ben, United Kingdom
"My daughter and I both love its warm and resonant tone.
It is also beautiful in its appearance."
Keith, United Kingdom
"Beautiful look, clean sound"
Ronald, United Kingdom
"Sound and playability is exceptional for the price. Frets are protruding slightly higher up the neck but not a problem.
Overall very pleased, sounds like a much more expensive guitar."
Steven, United Kingdom
"Simple but beautiful design; sweet and warm tone with a good amount of bite when you dig in to a note, loud enough to project."
Grant, United Kingdom
"The strings too loose"
Vaileigh, United Kingdom
"Beautiful to look at and to play"
James, United Kingdom
"Great sound quality"
Nick, United Kingdom
"Sounds and looks great"
David, United Kingdom
"lovely tone, lightweight body and well finished"
Mike, United Kingdom
"Great sound & excellent build quality "
John, United Kingdom
"Sounded Great Played well"
Caleb, United States of America
"It's a great guitare "
Tlili, Tunisia
"The Guitar was recommended to me by my tutor who uses the same model. I am absolutely delighted with it, as when played properly sounds like I think a Spanish guitar should sound like. At the moment I am still leaning but hopefully one day."
Paul, United Kingdom
"Beautiful finish and sound."
Ernie, United States of America
"Perfect for my needs as a complete beginner of classical guitar. Looks nice and sounds great."
Anthony , United Kingdom
"Absolutely wonderful quality for the price I paid for it. Marvellous tone from the solid top."
Mike, United Kingdom
"Beautiful guitar. Warm sound. Excellent choice for a beginner. Just started playing about 1 year ago. The more you play gets more addictive. Definitely recommend. "
Jeffrey , United Kingdom