Flamenco / RRP: £359.00 / UK Product Code: 1959

  • Flamenco

Product Overview

The Admira Flamenco is a beautiful traditional guitar. A true Spanish flamenco guitar demands the cutting, crisp sound afforded by this combination of Solid Spruce and Sycamore.

Our Archived range showcases former guitars that are no longer available. We have continued to display them as a way for you to find out about your Admira guitar, even after it is no longer in production. Archived guitars highlight many of the original designs and aesthetics that have helped shape our current range.


UK product Code 1959
Size 4 / 4
Top Solid Spruce
Back Sycamore
Sides Sycamore
Neck African Mahogany
Fingerboard Mongoy
Machine Head Lyre design Nickel
Bridge Rosewood
Finish Type Gloss

Product Reviews (3)

"Amazing! Really great tone, pristine finish, great hardware for the price superb set up too."
Nathan, United Kingdom
"Love it so far Just need to clean it up and re-string it to get a real feel.

Id sure love to know what year it was made. Can you dated by the serial number for me? I would super appreciate it!!!

Thank you,
Danny, United States of America
"so magical Id love to know when my particular guitar was made and about the art of saturn thats on the headstock"
Lo, France, Metropolitan