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    Concerto Concerto

Product Overview

Satin finished solid Cedar top, combined with Ovangkol back and sides which is very similar to Rosewood in its tonal properties work together to give the Concerto a great tone.

4/4 Size • Satin Solid Cedar Top • Satin Ovangkol Back & Sides • Mahogany Neck • Rosewood Fingerboard • Rosewood Bridge • Lyre Gold Machine Heads


UK product Code 1909
Size 4 / 4
Top Solid Cedar Satin
Back Ovangkol Satin
Sides Ovangkol Satin
Neck African Mahogany
Fingerboard Rosewood
Machine Head Lyre Design Gold
Finish Type Satin

Product Reviews (31)

"It's a birthday present so I've only tuned it and played it a very little! It looks, feels, and sounds beautiful and I'm very much looking forward to spending more time with it."
Joanne, United Kingdom
"I bought my guitar from Andertons music co.
Fantastic guitar, lovely sound and looks fantastic."
Ian, United Kingdom
"It has a lovely sound "
Patricia, United Kingdom
"Great guitar, it sounds very nice"
Adam, United Kingdom
"Lovely sound great looking beautifully made guitar. Very pleased to read they are made in Spain! "
Andre, United Kingdom
"Delighted - Early days , but I think we are going to spent many happy hours together
Kevin, United Kingdom
"Looks like Good Value for Money "
Peter Anthony , United Kingdom
"Only had it a few days- excellent finish, very good tone."
Denis, United Kingdom
"Incredible so far, hopefully if I get better at guitar, Iíll looking forward getting a flamenco one "
Pasquale, United Kingdom
"Lovely satin finish and great sound - really well made considering the price."
Andrew, United Kingdom
"The guitar produces a beautiful mellow sound and is incredibly comfortable to play. "
Ryan, United Kingdom
"Excellent looking and sounds fantastic "
Steven, United Kingdom
"Lovely, well made instrument with a great sound."
Elliott, United Kingdom
"Love it! Iíve wanted a decent Spanish built guitar for so long and this had the best reviews for the best price. Top notch service again from Andertons."
Mark, United Kingdom
"Lovely tone. I am very impressed with this guitar."
Alistair, United Kingdom
"Beautiful appearance, lovely tone"
Pauline, United Kingdom
"Just purchased today. I love the quality of the tone and the design and look of this guitar and the lovely finished. It feel great to hold and play. "
Victoria , United Kingdom
"looks and feels good haven't played it yet"
Cyril, United Kingdom
"Just received and tuned - sounds great so far."
Tracy, United Kingdom
"Just unpacked - looking and sounding good"
Ian, United Kingdom
"beautiful guitar enjoying learning to play "
Simon, United Kingdom
"So far beautiful look , feel and sound . I am very pleased."
peter, United Kingdom
"Looks and sounds good out of the box - will be interesting to see how it plays over time as I learn"
Leslie, United Kingdom
"Nice tone, good looking instrument"
Kevin, United Kingdom
"The first one the bridge became unstuck so I sent it back to the dealer who replaced it. I like it though and it's worth the money. Nice tone and feel, looks good"
Kevin, United Kingdom
"Bought for my 11 year son Merlin - happy with the purchase"
Marc, United Kingdom
"My first classical guitar. Great tones and a lovely guitar to learn on."
David , United Kingdom
"Love it - the sound is great."
Sital, United Kingdom
"Good looking"
Jimmy, United Kingdom
"I love my Admira classical guitar. I have had it a long time. Brought new. I play it pretty much everyday. It is so versatile and comfortable to use. I guess the 2001 serial number means it was made then? I feel like Iíve had it longer though. "
Kevin, United Kingdom
"Amazing sound with wonderful sound board - it is a Concert Grande BM"
Koral, United States of America